Iispeed v1.1.7

While Microsoft's IIS is not as widespread as Apache, NginX, or Litespeed, it is still a very powerful and reliable Web server regardless.
IISpeed tries to leverages some of the features and technologies developed by Google and made freely available via its PageSpeed SDK, allowing IIS to serve websites faster, improving the site's page loading time and its SEO "friendliness."
Using IISpeed allows IIS webmasters to improve their site by automatically performing all the PageSpeed Google-recommended optimizations.
This includes a list of over 40 operations, like adding client-side latency instrumentation, collapsing whitespace in the site's code, minifying and combining JS and CSS files, deferring JavaScript execution, caching improvements, moving small external CSS and JS files to inline code, saving and caching CSS and JS to localStorage, and many other more.
All of these are handled via IISpeed, freeing the developer's time and avoiding delaying the site's launch due to maintenance or optimization procedures.
IISpeed is available for free, but a Business License offers some extra features.
Here are some key features of "IISpeed":

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